Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1926)
Page: 043 (308 total)

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愛與人生/ 幸福的泉源, Love and life/ The spring of happiness

托爾斯泰 Tuo'ersitai (mentioned in article), 焦頌周 Jiao Songzhou (Author),

Keywords: happiness, emotions, America, animals, Love, friendship, Russia, Knowledge,

愛與人生/ 生活的原動力, Love and life/ The driving force of life

周建人 Zhou Jianren (mentioned in article), 基督 Jidu (mentioned in article), 孔子 Kongzi (mentioned in article), 托爾斯泰 Tuo'ersitai (mentioned in article), 李石岑 Li Shicen (mentioned in article), 東岑 Dong Cen (Author), 梁任公 Liang Rengong (mentioned in article), 舒新城 Shu Xincheng (mentioned in article), 釋迦牟尼 Shijiamuni (mentioned in article),

Keywords: art, nutrition, animals, religion, society, philosophy, Love, Literature and Art, ethics, love,