Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1926)
Page: 052 (308 total)

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愛與人生/ 什麼是愛, Love and life/ What is love

P. B. Shelley (mentioned in article), 劉大白 Liu Dabai (mentioned in article), 廚川白村 Chuchuan Baicun (mentioned in article), 托爾斯泰 Tuo'ersitai (mentioned in article), 車久享 Che Jiuxiang (Author), 郭沫若 Guo Moruo (mentioned in article),

Keywords: art, happiness, animals, food and drink, psychology, Freedom, philosophy, nature, automobiles, Love, sex, virginity, evolution, plants, Knowledge, love, poetry ,

愛與人生/ 這是一個難猜的謎兒, Love and life/ This is a riddle hard to guess

Crapenter (mentioned in article), Kant (mentioned in article), 勃萊克惠爾 Bolaikehuier (mentioned in article), 嘉本特 Jiabente (mentioned in article), 康德 Kangde (mentioned in article), 菲列潑 Feiliepo (mentioned in article), 陳伯吹 Chen Bochui (Author),

Keywords: emotions, philosophy, Germany, Love, Writer, love,