Funü zazhi
No. 004 (31 March, 1926)
Page: 039 (166 total)

© Courtesy of the Institute of Chinese Studies, Library, Heidelberg University.

引導學問的路徑/ 全靠着自己的毅力, The way that leads to knowledge/ All depend on my perseverance

S M S M (Author), 何仲英 He Zhongying (mentioned in article), 朱子 Zhu Zi (mentioned in article), 梁任公 Liang Rengong (mentioned in article), 汪中 Wang Zhong (mentioned in article), 王引之 Wang Yinzhi (mentioned in article), 王心齊 Wang Xinqi (mentioned in article), 趙翼 Zhao Yi (mentioned in article), 錢大昕 Qian Daxin (mentioned in article), 陳澧 Chen Li (mentioned in article), 黃山谷 Huang Shangu (mentioned in article),

Keywords: Learning, Knowledge, reading,

引導學問的路徑/ 三種心理作用, The way that leads to knowledge/ Three types of psychological effects

洪競芳 Hong Jingfang (Author),

Keywords: household economics, schools, Learning, society, Knowledge, reading,