No. 042 (01 January, 1932)
Page: 045 (48 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

好萊塢聖誕樹, Christmas trees in Hollywood

新嫁娘的烹調術, Cooking techniques for newly married women

李愛蓮 Li Ailian (Author), 陶樂絲德里奧 Taolesi De Li'ao (mentioned in article),

Keywords: Hollywood, cooking, culinary arts, Mexico,

中國電影珍聞, News titbits of Chinese movies

何美德 He Meide (Author), 光影 Guang Ying (Author), 夏佩珍 Xia Peizhen (mentioned in article), 李志遠 Li Zhiyuan (Author), 李麗 Li Li (mentioned in article), 林雪懷 Lin Xuehuai (mentioned in article), 楊耐梅 Yang Naimei (mentioned in article), 江山 Jiang Shan (Author), 王漢倫 Wang Hanlun (mentioned in article), 瞿麗芳 Qu Lifang (Author), 程鏡秋 Cheng Jingqiu (Author), 美容 Mei Rong (Author), 胡蝶 Hu Die (mentioned in article), 華光 Hua Guang (Author), 金燄 Jin Yan (mentioned in article), 銀光 Yinguang (Author), 阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu (mentioned in article),


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