No. 099 (14 June, 1933)
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上海名閨何麗明女士Ms. He Liming is a famous Shanghai lady.
到海邊去游水:傅月仙女士、傅月蓮女士Ms. Fu Yuexian and Ms. Fu Yuelian are going to swimm at the beach
(右圖) 在花園裡,僑光中學魏璞女士(right) Ms. Wei Pu from the Qiaoguang Middle School is in the garden
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玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
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?國的兩位美小姐:康華,梁展如Two Beautiful Grils: Kang Hua, Liang Zhanru.
南京怒潮劇社: 上圖為該社林玉心在"春歸"之表演The Nuchao Theater Club in Nanjing: above is a member Lin Yuxin performing in "When Spring Comes Back."
南京怒潮劇社: 下圖為該社社員,右張美琳,中 鍾宜如,左劉愛廉女士The Nuchao Theater Club in Nanjing: below is a photo of the members. (right) Zhang Meilin, (middle) Zhong Yiru, (left) Ms. Liu Ailian.
常識Common knowledge
月月紅, 女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
月月紅, 女界寶China Rose, women's treasure
法律顧問Legal Counsel
菲律濱華僑女學一九三三年畢業生合影中坐者均係教員A Group Photo of the 1933 graduates of the Philippine Oversea Chinese Girls' School, the ones sitting are all teachers.
蘇州東吳大學男女生之課外體育表演Boys and Girls at the Suzhou Dongwu University doing Sports
強健的小國民 [二圖]Our Strong and Healthy Little Citizens [Two pictures]
夏陽的愛好者, 剻彥範女士Miss Peng Yanfan is a Sun Lover
遊藝園門前的光燦The Illumination at the Entrance of the Amusement Park
花園裏的晚景Night Scene in the Garden
百貨商店之彩花燈廣告Department Store's Advertisement for Polychrome Lanterns of the Department
日本女子進步之歌舞表演Japanese Women's Progressive Dancing and Singing
精?電影藝術新明星有范侖鐵諾第二之稱的佐治萊夫George Raft is the second Valentino, a New Movie Star.
在好萊塢攝影場裏In the Photo Studio of Hollywood
新裝的朱秋痕Zhu Qiuhen wearing her new dress
胡蝶在國貨公司門口Hu Die in front of the department stores which sell Chinese goods
嬌滴 指甲水拭淨水Joy Dip Nail Remover
香水瓶與美人: 電影明星佛蘭西第近影A Perfume Bottle and a Beauty: A Recent Photo of Movie Star Frances Dee
在化裝時的黎明暉Li Minghui applying make-up
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
第六對銀幕上的大情人: 瑪琳黛菊絲、克萊夫布洛克。Marlene Dietrich, Olive BrookThe Sixth Great Couple on the Screen: Marlene Dietrich, Clive Brook.
胡笳Hu Jia