No. 100 (21 June, 1933)
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崇德女校新近畢業之夏志勤女士Ms. Xia Zhiqin, a recent graduate from the Chongde Girls' School
前途是光明的,梁展如女士The Future is Illuminated Ms. Liang Zhanru.
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玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
美麗的三隻傘:蒯彥範,王淑貞,彭華琚女士Three Beautiful Umbrellas: Ms. Peng Yanfan, Wang Shuzhen and Peng Huaju.
裝修汽車駕駛的實習The Training on Car Fixing
下圖無線電製造之實習(below) Training on the Radio Production
工業與科學實習狀況 [二圖]The Condition Training on Industry and Science [Two pictures]
法律顧問Legal Counsulting
兩小無猜Two Little Playmates
(上) 徐粲鶯女士(above) Ms. Xu Canying
(左魏榮波)(Left Wei Rongbo)
(下) 張仙琳與楊津(below) Zhang Xianlin and Yang Jin
上兩圖係參加比賽之周五明跳水表演the two pictures above show Zhou Wuming diving, he is the participant of the competition.
下圖乃熱心參觀比賽之婦女below shows female visitors to the competition
(上)五人由左而右:一、英國小姐,二、蘇俄小姐,三、比利時小姐,四、Yugaslavia 小姐,五、法國小姐(五圖)(above) five people from left to right: 1. Miss England. 2. Miss Russia. 3. Miss Belgium. 4. Miss Yugaslavia. 5. Miss France. (five pictures)
(中) 四人由左至右: 一、西班牙小姐,二、德國小姐,三、蘇格蘭小姐,四、那威小姐(四圖)(middle) the four people from left to right: 1. Miss Spain. 2. Miss Germany. 3. Miss Scottland. 4. Miss Norway(four pictures)
(下)五人由左而右:一、土耳其小姐,二、丹麥小姐,三、匈牙利小姐,四、Rumaning 小姐,五、意大利小姐(五圖)(below) five people from left to right: 1. Miss Turkey. 2. Miss Denmark. 3. Miss Hungary. 4. Miss Rumaning. 5. Miss Italy (five pictures)
中國網球健將林寶華與梁佩瑜女士 the Chinese tennis players Lin Baohua and Ms. Liang Peiyu
下圖即為被驅逐回國之男女學生the picture below shows students that are driven back to our country
四季 (四圖)The Four Seasons (Four Pictures)
國貨ABC 雨衣Domestic Manufactured ABC Rain Coat
李麗蓮,盧敦在華南南洋拍攝新片時攝影A Photo of Li Lilian and Lu Dun as they were shooting a new film in Nanyang
黎莉莉在閔行的江旁Li Lili at the river during her trip to Minhang.
(右) 在棒球場參觀聯華球隊比球的談瑛(right) Tan Ying is watching the Chinese team playing baseball.
(上) 在國貨商場購買國貨之電影明星胡蝶(Above) The movie star Hu Die is buying domestic products at the Department Store of National Goods
利華皂粉Lux soap powder
海倫海絲和考爾門???Helen Hayes and Ranald Colman
電影明星競選第一名: 胡蝶Hu Die is elected the Queen of the Movie Stars.