No. 098 (07 June, 1933)
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北平國立藝專學生蒯彥茹Kuai Yanru, student of the National Beiping Academy
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玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
留日多年新返回國之謬女士Ms. Miu just came back to China after years of studying in Japan
花籬笆前的(左)白麗珠(中)魏璞(右)于斯詠(left) Bai Lizhu (Middle) Wei Pu (Right) Yu Siyong, in front of the flower fence
蘇州東吳大學女生體育表演之各種姿勢: 上,下,柔軟體操;中,武術表演The girls at the Suzhou Univeristy are performing different poses: above and below, Calisthenics; middle, martial art.
常識Common knowledge
皓齒:白玉牙膏White Teeth: Gem Tooth Paste
法律顧問Legal Counsel
(上圖) 施水麗及盧佳之一(above) Shi Shuili and Lu Jia, part one
(下圖) 上海私立培成女中今年畢業女生之一部分,由左至右:居芝如、李競淑、沈鎮珠、陳珮瑻、黃金榮表、楊文惠(below) Some girls who graduated from the Shanghai Private Peicheng Girls' School, from left to right: Ju Zhiru, Li Jingshu, Shen Zhenzhu, Chen Peiguan, Huangjin Rongbiao, Yang Wenhui.
(上) 藝專陳玉如女士跳遠姿勢(above) Ms. Chen Yuru from the Art Academy doing the long jump
女子游泳五十米自由賽第一朱國淒女士(二圖)Ms. Zhu Guoqi the champion of the women's 50 m freestyle (two pictures)
(中) 女子八十米低欄第一翁秋月(破省紀錄)(middle) Wong Qiuyue, the champinion of the women's 80 meters low hurdle (broke the provincial record)
健全的體態美(二圖)Healthy and Beautiful Figures (two pictures)
藝聯公司新演猺山艷史主角許曼麗Xu Manli will play the leading role in the new film "Love Romance of Yao shan" produced by Yilian Company
"現代"女子新片的編者與主演者艾霞Ai Xia is the script writer and leading actress of the new film for women, "Modernity"
摩登客室的佈置A Living Room in the Modern Style
(上圖) 學生裝之土風舞步(above) Students' Folk Dance
團體體操Group Gymnastics
疊羅漢Human Pyramid
西班牙式土風舞姿Spanish Folk Dance
影星安哈羅的新舞衣Movie Star Anhaluo's New Dancing Dress
影星菊安班杜的新浴衣Star Ju'an Bandu's New Swimming Suit
國貨ABC 雨衣Domestic Manufactured ABC Rain Coat
祝味菊醫士女公子幼菊小姐Miss Youju is the daughter of docter Zhu Weiju
(上) 韓藍根在都會的早晨(above) Han Langen in "good morning, metropolitan"
(右) 阮玲玉及其愛女與劉繼羣胖子之表情(right) see Ruan Lingyu, her daughter and the plump Liu Jiqun's facial expression
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
柯達萬利軟片包Kodak Verichrome Film Pack
幕味壇上第五對大情人The Fifth Couple of the Movie World
新加入電影界黎錦暉夫人徐來女士Li Jinhui's Wife Ms. Xu Lai has recently joined the movie world