No. 018 (15 July, 1931)
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男作家的心懷Tolerance of male writers
[No title][No title]
勇敢地跳出肉欲的圈子Jumping bravely out of the circle of sensual pleasures
所謂男子的愛(未完)The so-called love of men (to be continued)
她與他都是我的朋友She and he are both my friends
男子的醜態Men's foolish manners
玲瓏消息Linglong news
最流行之新裝The most fashionable new style
夏季盛行的運動 — 拍網球Playing tennis - a sport popular in summer
燙髮須知Must-knows for perming your hair
怎樣保住你的臉How to save your face
睡眠的常識Common knowledge on sleep
摩登相婦術Modern art (ways) for assessing women
知己之談A talk between bosom friends
釋夢(續)Interpretation of dreams (continued)
死老鼠Dead mouse
兒童夏日的消遣(未完)Children's pastime in summer (to be continued)
化學的日光下顯影法Chemical method of developing films under sunlight
--Just a little closer
考侖格雷菲斯之吻的傳染病Corinne Griffith (suffered from) the communicable disease through kiss
小影戲院去不得Don't go to small cinemas
兩句趣話Two funny remarks
珍妮蓋諾又病Janet Gaynor is sick again
夏之夜Summer night
扁舟一葉A small rowboat
小考爾夫的拍法How to perform the golf swing