No. 017 (08 July, 1931)
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男子的心田Men's hearts
貢獻給童貞女的話(未完)Words devoted to virgins (to be continued)
戀愛的三步驟:攻擊自由戀愛之原因Three steps of love: the reasons for attacking the freedom of love
夏季新裝New summer fashion
蘇州姊妹的夏裝Summer fashion of women in Suzhou
卷髮的美:怎樣保護頭髮Beauty of curly hair: how to protect your hair
教男子一課經濟學(續)Teaching men a lesson in economics (continued)
初夏在滬甯車中見景以誌之To record the scene seen in the train of the Hu-Ning line in early summer
夏天中暑的應付To deal with sunstroke in summer
洗喬其紗的良法A good method of washing georgette
鑽水的法門The proper way of diving
夏日的逐客令The order for guests to leave in summer
熱的問題The problem of being (feeling?) hot
輕飄的圍巾Light scarves
訂婚和結婚前的準備(續上期):摩登青年不可不讀Engagement and preparations before marriage: modern youths have to read this (continued)
[No Chinese title]Three little words (song)
兒童的衣服(續)Children's clothes (continued)
花園裡拍照Taking photographs in a (flower) garden
內衣之美The beauty of underwear
青春時期The period of youth
榴潑范爾滋的性The disposition of Lupe Vélez
好萊塢中的一位賢妻良母A virtuous wife and good mother in Hollywood
電影觀者的常識Common knowledge for the cinema audience
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