No. 018 (15 July, 1931)
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封面為葛璐茜令妹璐德女士The cover shows Ms Lude, the sister of Ge Luqian
鄭筠潔女士作品見於本期You can find the article by Ms Zheng Yunjie in this issue
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張桂卿紀藝珍張梅卿游泳稍憩時合影Group photograph of Zhang Guiqing, Ji Yizhen and Zhang Meiqing taking a rest during swimming
霍景燕女士之嬌容Lovable smile of Ms Huo Jingyan
懸賞徵文捐贈精美禮物的張德怡女士Ms Zhang Deyi, who donated delicate gifts for the prize essay contest
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丁明玉士士為聖瑪利亞女校校生之老前輩在社會服務二三十年頗斐聲於婦女界中Ms Ding Mingyu is the senior of the students at St. Mary Girls' School. She has worked in society for a couple of decades and is quite well-known in the women's world
三角戀愛之一幕:男子的罪惡造成女子的煩悶A scene within a love triangle: the evil of men causes the anguish of women
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摹爾堂女校中文畢業生合影The group photo of the graduates from the department of Chinese of Mo Er Tang Girls' School
晏摩氏女校甘秀英女士玉影The precious photo of Ms Gan Xiuying of Yanmoshi Girls' School
(一)史璜遜式:本刊現有女子燙髮新樣照片十二種按期刊登.以供愛美之姊妹們作為參考(1) The style of shi huang xun: twelve photos of women's new hair perm styles we currently have. The sisters who share the love of beauty could use them for reference.
英國漫畫:情不自禁English cartoon: in the grip of passion
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婦女新裝New fashion for women
一九三一年男鞋新樣New style of men's shoes in 1931
天鵝式的空中飛躍Leap in the air like a swan
圖示足與腿的位置The picture shows the position of feet and legs
摩登之玻璃桌Modern glass table
西人夏日時作游泳之運動遊罷則集男女於海濱作露天之舞蹈或唱歌或彈琴或為歌彈者拍板誠夏日良好之消遣也The westerners swim in summer. After swimming, some dance, some sing, some play instrument, and some beat time with clappers in the open. It is indeed a good past-time in summer.
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讀書的樂趣The pleasure of reading books
在暑假中.無論是晴雨.讀書是兒童消暑的最好良法During summer holiday reading books is the best way of relieving summer heat, no matter if it rains or shines
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好萊塢最著名之舞女麥克The most famous dancer Maike in Hollywood
新進女星瓊考勤The budding female star Qiongkaoqing
電影明星海倫最近攝影The most recent photograph of the movie star Helen Johnson
女明星榴潑范爾滋近影The recent (or close-up) photo of the female star Lupe Vélez