No. 019 (22 July, 1931)
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不要眼熱男子的支票Don't covet men's cheques
[No title][No title]
空心的大少爺The hollow rich young man
養活問題The question of supporting
請問現代的父母們這是男女平等嗎Excuse me modern parents, is this gender equality?
我們需要虔誠的愛We need sincere love
夏季新裝New summer fashion
消夏良地Good places for alleviating summer heat
婦女案件之評述 — 貧女子之失身Commentaries on cases related to women: a poor woman's loss of virginity
婦女案件之評述 — 以雀戰為籍詞Commentaries on cases related to women: using playing mahjong as excuse
所謂男子的愛(續)The so called men's love (continued)
問答一束A bunch of questions and answers
衣上的汗跡Sweat stains on your clothes
腳趾奇癢Unbearably itchy toes
繼母之虐待The maltreatment from the step mother
未婚妻之男友:損失六千元The friend of the fiancee: the loss of six thousand yuan
陳皓、慧明的父親:納妓受累The father of Chen Hao and Hui Ming: to be put to trouble because of concubinage
摩登相女術我的第一眼Modern art (ways) for assessing women; my first sight
拾鉛筆乃足部的運動Picking up pencils is a foot exercise
黃皮鞋翻黑Changing yellow leather shoes into black ones
三言兩語In a few words
兒童夏日的消遣Children's pastime in summer
H&D之意義The meaning of H&D
行樂及時Enjoy the pleasures of life here and now
健美Healthy and Beautiful
婦協會反對開司東The objection from the association of women against Kaisidong
對嘉寶的批評The criticism against [Greta] Garbo
哥而夫球場的比較A comparison of golf courses
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