Funü zazhi
No. 012 (30 November, 1929)
Page: 070 (170 total)

事與願違/ 自助者天亦助之, Things go contrary to one s wishes/ The heaven helps those who help themselves

孔子 Kongzi (mentioned in article), 鐘竹友 Zhong Zhuyou (Author),

Keywords: money, philosophy of life,

事與願違/ 成功必有所由來, Things go contrary to one s wishes/ There must be a reason for success

凱末爾 Kaimoer (mentioned in article), 富蘭克林 Fulankelin (mentioned in article), 愛因斯坦 Aiyinsitan (mentioned in article), 愛迪孫 Aidisun (mentioned in article), 斯密爾 Simier (mentioned in article), 牛頓 Niudun (mentioned in article), 華盛頓 Huashengdun (mentioned in article), 馬文元 Ma Wenyuan (Author),

Keywords: youth, suicide, experience, philosophy of life,