No. 024 (26 August, 1931)
Page: 036 (40 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

好萊塢婚數大減訊, News on a great decrease in the number of people who are getting married in Hollywood

Mary Brian (mentioned in article), 克萊拉寶 Kelaila Bao (mentioned in article), 嘉寶 Jiabao (mentioned in article), 曼麗勃頼恩 Manli Bolai'en (mentioned in article), 鏡秋 Jingqiu (Author),

Keywords: marriage, Hollywood,


美國女大學生的時裝衣服上有題字與趣畫 There are inscriptions and funny pictures on the fashionable clothing of American female college students

Keywords: fashion and beauty, customs , foreign country,