No. 025 (02 September, 1931)
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朱福珍女士秀麗大方現就職於首都外交部Ms Zhu Fuzhen, pretty and decent, is now working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the capital
吳淞江濱留影Souvenir photo taken on the bank of the Wusong River
蔡萃華女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Cai Cuihua
景海女校沈麗潔女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Shen Lijie from Jinghai Girls' School
中西女塾葉昌楨女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Ye Changzhen from Zhongxi School
羅秀雲女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Luo Xiuyun
燙髮新樣(八):波浪式Women's new hair perm styles (8): Girlie Mannish (English translation from Linglong or direct translation: the style of waves)
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吳秀清女士精文學又擅音樂其大作見於前頁Ms Wu Xiuqing is both accomplished in literature and good at music. See the previous page for her article.
亞細亞步行團胡素絹女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Hu Sujuan from the Asian trekking group
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楊書珍女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Yang Shuzhen
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歐美女子性喜運動.公餘之暇.時邀友赴海濱遊戲或游泳Women from Europe and America like sports by nature. At leisure time after work, they often invite friends to the beach to play games or swim
浴前試水Checking the (temperature of) water before taking a bath
清心女校學生疊羅漢之攝影The photo of students from Qingxin Girls' School building a human pyramid
誰識其真假 — 新進之電影女星面容酷似嘉寶Who can distinguish truth from the false - the face of the newcoming female movie star strongly resembles that of Garbo
童明星宓西格林之表情The facial expression of the child starlet Mitzi Green
半露Half appearance
電影女星麗拉李化裝後之攝影Photograph of female movie star Lila Lee after makeup is done
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陶樂絲德里奧患病好久.現在復原了.他和丈夫愛情甚摯.這間的書室.是他丈夫特意造給他的Dorothy Del Rio has been ill for a long time. Now she has recovered. The love bond between her husband and her is very strong. The study you see on the photo is created/designed by her husband for her.
電影明星岱脫裡趣嘉寶進了好萊塢四年後方獻身於銀幕The movie star Daituoli Qujiabao finally dedicated herself to the movie screen after having stayed in Hollywood for four years