No. 024 (26 August, 1931)
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沈詒祥女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Shen Yixiang
楊球熙女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Yang Qiuxi
薄美寶與潘字穎合影Group photo of Bao Meibao and Pan Ziying
王素蘭女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Wang Sulan
葉其秀女士窗前黑影Shadow silhouette of My Ye Qixiu in front of a window
閑坐凝思Contemplation while sitting recreational
婦女時裝Women's fashion
盧育甯女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Lu Yuning
爪哇泗水中華學校表演“劉老老進觀園”之一幕A scene of "Granny Liu Enters the Guan Garden" performed by the Chinese school of Surabaya, Java
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王蟾青女士近影Recent photo of Ms Wang Chanqing
摩登女子的常備的化裝品Ready cosmetics of modern women
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摩登家用器具多極簡單雅潔Modern household wares, most of which are very simple and elegant
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燙髮新樣(七)男童式Women's new hair perm styles (7): Boyisch Bob
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西方女子愛好戶外生活圖示女子在沙灘以手支地能平均其身體,其姿勢亦甚美觀Western women are fond of outdoor life. The photo shows a woman on the beach who could keep the balance of her body with hands as support. Her posture is rather pleasing to the eye as well
活潑伶俐Lively and bright
玉潔冰清As pure as jade and as clear as ice
山高路遠.仍要進行With distance afar and mountains high, one still has to move forward
卜居好似雀來巢Choosing a place for residence is like a sparrow coming to a nest
藝術家的幸運。替好萊塢女星點脣The artist's good luck. Painting lips of Hollywood female stars.
銀壇短訊:在“賭婚”“Lottery Bride”一幕中之麥唐納爾,此片不日將在滬開映Flash news of the movie circle: Maitangna'er in one scene of "Lottery Bride", this movie will be on in Shanghai soon
美國女大學生的時裝衣服上有題字與趣畫There are inscriptions and funny pictures on the fashionable clothing of American female college students
好芾場舞姿之一幕A scene of the dance posture in Haofei square
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卡洛浪白特近影Recent photo of Carole Lombard
電影明星雷拉赫愛姆司近影A recent photo of the movie star Leila Hyams