No. 026 (09 September, 1931)
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梁佩琴女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Liang Peiqin
圖示汪氏姊妹對弈之神情This picture shows the looks of Jiang sisters when they are playing chess
扇中人Woman in a fan
小園納晚涼圖中為李翠貞鄭美秀二女士This picture shows Ms Li Cuizhen and Ms Zheng Meixiu enjoying the cool evening in a small garden
本文作者霞女士玉影Precious photograph of this article's author Ms Xia
溪水澄清可以濯足A clear brook which could be used to wash one's feet
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江灣葉園之遊艇A pleasure boat in the Ye Garden of Jiangwan
王韻敏女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Wang Yunming
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南海之鯊魚有長尾如鞭。遇危急時。即用以襲擊外侮。如被鞭及。必受重創云This is a skate from South China Sea with a long tail like a whip. In time of emergency, it could be used to attack the outside offense. If one is whipped, it is said that one will be seriously injured
摩登居室器具式樣The style of utensils and furniture in a modern living room
波蘭農人新近發明驅鳥傀儡。身中裝一發聲機。施行以來。田中果物。鮮遭群鳥食之患云。The polish farmers have invented a bird-dispelling puppet. A soniferous machine is installed inside its body. Since it was put into use, it is said that fruits in the field have rarely been pecked by birds
燙髮新樣(十)兒童式Women's new hair perm styles (10): Child Hood Bob.
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一個康健活潑的小孩A healthy and lively child
好萊塢女星舞姿之一One of the dancing postures of female Hollywood stars
珍妮蓋論近影Recent photo of Janet Gaynor
新近嫁人的明星曼利拿倫近影A recent photo of the star Mary Nolan who just got married
佛及尼吉立曾在“城市之光”片中一露色相Virginia Cherrill has once demonstrated her sex appeal in "City Lights"
善演滑稽劇的麥克生康威Maikesheng Kangwei who is good at acting in farces
天津名伶鄒劍佩女士近影A recent photo of Ms Zou Jianpei, a famous actor in Tianjin
拍拉蒙電影明星卡洛倫白近影A recent photo of Carole Lombard, the movie star in "Pai la meng"