No. 025 (02 September, 1931)
Pages available: 1 - 40 (40 total)
本刊招請各埠職員。各百位。不必經驗。概於餘暇工作。每月薪金最低三十元至三百元函索章程卽贈。Our magazine are recruiting from every (big) city. Each city 100 people. No experience required. Work at one's leisure. The monthly salary is from 30 yuan up to 300 yuan. The Regulations Will be Sent upon Request per Mail
玫玲粉 — 婦女隱痛之救星Meiling powder - the savior of women from their secret pains
華商三和公司代辦函購部Chinese business, Sanhe company, mail order agent
英哥。你要愛情美滿。家庭幸福。謀事順利。那末必須常閲 [玲瓏雜誌]Yingge, if you want to be perfectly satisfied with love, to be happily married, and to find a job successfully, you should read "Linglong Magazine" regularly
三和牌國貨標準乒乓球Sanhe domestics, standard table tennis balls
玲瓏信箋Exquisite writing paper
投稿簡章General regulations on contribution
玲瓏圖畫雜誌Linloon Magazine
定報價目The subscription price
開獎通告The announcement of drawing the lottery
標準露光儀 — 高維祥,林澤蒼 — 發明Standard exposure meter, invented by Gao Weixiang, Lin Zecang
買賣交換租借寄售新舊唱片Buying, selling, exchanging, renting, consigning new and/or old photos
快快預定本刊Subscribe our magazine quickly
試閱攝影畫報/ 玲瓏雜誌Samples for Pictorial Weekly and Linglong Magazine
攝影畫報Pictorial Weekly