No. 017 (08 July, 1931)
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封面係復旦大學吳湘女士玉影The cover is the precious photograph of Ms Wu Xiang from Fudan University
梁佩琴遊園少憩之攝影Photograph of Liang Peiqin visiting a park to take a little rest
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參與聖瑪利亞五十周紀念之賓客Guests attending the celebration for the 50th anniversary of St. Mary (Girls' School)
聖瑪利亞女校五十周紀念會時女生表演五十年前女子之生活及服裝之攝影Photo of the life and the clothing fifty years ago in the performance by female students at the celebration for the 50th aniversary of St. Mary Girls' School
聖瑪利亞女生李瓊女士招待賓客之攝影Photograph of Ms Li Qiong, a female student from St. Mary (Girls' School) welcoming guests
聖瑪利亞畢業生進行入場表演時之攝影Photo of the entrance performance by the graduates from St. Mary (Girls' School)
晏摩氏女校畢業生自學校進行至禮堂時之攝影兩旁為低班生手持冬青葉索引領畢業生Photo of the graduates of Anmo Girls' School proceeding from school to the assembly hall. Lower grade students at both sides are holding a rope made from holly leaves to lead the way for the graduates
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晏摩氏女校高中全體畢業生All the graduates from Anmo Girls' High School
婦女新裝Women's new fashion
中西女塾高中全體之畢業生Photograph of all the graduates from Zhongxi (Chinese-Western) Private Girls' High School
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晏摩氏畢業生陳瓊芳女士玉影Precious photograph of a graduate from Yanmo (school), Ms Chen Qiongfang
頭髮是女子美的一部份.所以漂亮的女子.對於她的青絲.也煞費苦心去研究.冀能美而更美Hair is a part of female beauty. So pretty women set a high value on studying their hair, hoping to make it as beautiful as possible
培成女校初中全體畢業生All the graduates from Peicheng Girls' Middle School
摩登客廳一角的佈置Arrangement in one corner of a modern living room
空中的表演Performance in the air
鑽水前之準備Preparations before diving
法國漫畫:(一)強迫, (二)感情, (三)引誘French cartoon: 1. force, 2. sentiment, 3. persuasion
德國女子對於體育極為注重其身體之康健無與倫比吾國女子見此其能格外注意運動乎German women attach great importance to sports. Their bodily health is beyond comparison. Can women of our country pay extra attention to sports if they see this?
輕飄的圍巾Light scarf
她還是覺得太熱She still feels too "hot"
玲瓏雜誌最受閨秀之歡迎Linglong magazine is the most popular one among young ladies
黃金時代Golden age
小妹妹說.我偏要立在這裡.看你有什麼辦法The little girl says: I insist on standing here. What can you do about it?
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心心相印:女子能得到男子的心.就等於得到世界萬物了The unison of heart with heart: if a woman could win a man's heart, she wins everything in the world.
男子身體之鍛煉.最為重要.不特精神愉快.且可卻病延壽.此影足示健美男子肌肉之飽滿.未知吾國男子具此體格者有幾人It is most important for men to do body exercises. One can not only keep a pleasant state of mind, but also get rid of illness and prolong one's life. This photo fully illustrates the well-developed muscles of this strong and handsome man. I don't know how many men in our country get such physique.
五種新式的探戈舞步Five new styles of tango dance
此圖為好萊塢女星之內衣This picture shows the underwear of a female Hollywood star
瑙麥希拉的笑容Norma Shearer's smile
瑙麥希拉的神情Norma Shearer's look
電影女星卡洛浪白特近影A recent (or close-up) photo of female movie star Carole Lombard
拍拉蒙脫新明星裘梨愛脫康潑頓最近攝影The latest photo of Pailamengtuo's new star, Zhuangli'aituokangpodun