Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1918)
Pages available: 1 - 168 (168 total)
界的母職譯美國母範雜誌The world of motherhood (The Mother's magazine an American magazine)
女權平議Feminist Ping Yi
論今日中國婚姻之改良Discussing today's Japanese-Chinese changes to marriage
家庭科學火柴Home sience: Matches
美目之簡便法〔譯自〕The Most Famous Living BeautyA simple technique for beautiful eyes
實驗春蠶飼育法(續四卷六號)Methods of experimental silkworm rearing: (continued from vol. 4 issue 6)
癯庵食譜(續)Recipes from the Lean Hut (continued)
美容談(續)Chats on beauty (continued)
新達生篇(續四卷六號)New Da Sheng publication (continued)
家庭藥物學(續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
夏日清涼飲品食之研究Study of summertime refreshing foods and drinks
家庭衛生叢談 摘譯美國衛生雜誌Collected writings on home hygiene
家庭科學扇Home science: fans
教育智識偏蔽者當如何乎: 譯美國母範雜誌How to partically cover education ? Translation from American model mother magazine
母教叢談Collection of mother's teachings (continued)
家庭看護學(續)The study of home nursing (continued)
婦人之衛生(續)Women and hygiene (continued)
金陵遊記Travelogue from Jinling
讀江南刺繡之一斑書後After reading a book on the embroidery of Jiangnan
讀江南刺繡之一斑書後Some thoughts after reading "An Overview of embroidery in Jiangnan"
陳烈女殉夫事略A short biographical sketch of the model wife Chen who sacrificed her life
歐美女學生之夏季生活: 譯女學世界European and American female students' summer lifestyles: translated from Female Student world
朱母沈太夫人誄Eulogy for Mrs. Zhumu Shen
紀念To remember
蚊之自述My own account of mosquitos
理想中之家庭Amid the ideal family
瓶中之書(續)Book in a vase (continued)
哀梨記彈詞(續)Remembering a lament to a pear (tan ci)
說呂刑On theory of Lu xing
論學藝會之主旨Discussing the main ideas of the Arts Society
同學殷淑祭文Funeral speech for fellow student Yin Shu
閨秀詩話Poetry by ladies (continued)
日用常識Common sense
童話Fairy tale
童話Fairy tale
家庭新遊戲(續)New household experiments (continued)
家庭笑話Family jokes