No. 020 (29 July, 1931)
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珍玲之言Zhenling's words
安慰失戀女子的一封信A letter comforting women who are disappointed in love
玲瓏之言Linglong's words
新舊派各有長處Both the new group and the old group have their own advantages
抵抗男子淫欲的辦法The way of resisting men's desire
如何解決 — 愛慕遠方的男子How to solve (this problem) - adoring a man faraway
吻 — 冰淇淋Kiss - ice cream
貢獻給童貞女的話(續十七期稿)Words devoted to virgins (continuing from issue 17)
不堪入耳的醜聞,獸性的任振南案A scandal intolerant to the ear, the case of the violent Ren Zhennan
人們的統計Statistics of people
關於手的種種Various tips about hands
一線之隔A fine line's distance
還是冷為妙It is better to be cold after all
男子的心:吃著肥的想著瘦的、吃著濕的想著乾的Men's heart: missing the thin while having the fat, missing the dry while having the wet
父母須知What parents need to know
身體中沒有鐵釘There is no iron nail in your body
愛上一個女招待To fall in love with a waitress
測驗一百十二人的睡眠姿勢Examining the sleeping position of 120 people
一霎那In an instant
釋夢(續)The interpretation of dreams (continued)
兒童食欲的約束To control the appetite of children
 一二三四One, two, three, four
剖婦人心Analysing the heart of women
卓別林的一番氣語Chaplin's angry remark
郭安慈小史Story of Guo Anci
“一線之光”郭安慈出馬"A beam of light"; Guo Anci is taking the field
[No Chinese title]Geel [girl] I'd like to be your sweetheart
吻 — 菲麗海勿的吻證Kiss - the evidence of kiss from Feilihaiwu
海灘之上On the beach
南錫卡洛與新聞記者Nancy Carroll and journalists
編輯者言Editor's note
夏天的娛樂Entertainment in summer