No. 021 (05 August, 1931)
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懸賞徵文第一名揭曉 — 別開生面消夏良法The first-place winner in our prize essay contest made known - a good and novel method of alleviating summer heat
珍玲之言Zhenling's words
真愛的力量The Power of true love
滬大今夏畢業生芳訊Aromatic news about graduates from Shanghai University in this summer
怎樣對付濫投情書的男子How to cope with men who send random love letters
“妬”是男子們的專利品嗎?Is jealousy a patent of men?
謁金門(辛未仲夏遊木凟嚴園)、遊兆豐園A visit to golden gate (a visit to Yan garden in Mudu (town) in midsummer of 1931), a visit to Zhaofeng garden
婦女案件之評述:女大不嫁是誰之過Commentaries on cases related to women: who should be blamed if a woman of age has not been married yet
美國女學生選擇男子的標準(待續)The criteria of American female students for choosing a man (to be continued)
兒童與性教育:一個有經驗母親的敘述(未完)Children and sex education: narration of an experienced mother (to be continued)
夜遊的常識Common sense while going out at night
前途怎樣How is the future
男子幾時可以結婚When should a man get married?
有名無實的夫妻:生理著有異點A couple in name: physiological abnormality
無獨有偶之情死案Two cases of suicide for love
頭痛的治法Treatments of headache
兒童的飲食 (未完)Food and drink for children (to be continued)
美國電影界的才子佳人A talented man and a beautiful woman in the American cinema world
[No Chinese title]To whisper, dear, I love you
兩張異性衝突的新片Two newly released movies on gender conflict
玲瓏電影消息Linglong movie news
好萊塢的浴美競賽Swimming beauty contest in Hollywood
遊明園者注意Attention, visitors to Ming garden!