Funü Shibao
No. 017 (01 November, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 132 (132 total)
婦女時報第十七期目錄Funü shibao issue no.17 table of contents
關於女子之農業Women and agriculture
對於近世婦女界之针砭Admonition for all women of the world
女子參政運動之最近十五年史History of women's suffrage movements in the past fiftteen years
勸購內國公債文Exhortation to buy national bonds
驅蚊法How to repel mosquitoes
西洋男女交際法Social interactions between men and women in the west
余家夏令之食譜Summer recipes for my family
蠶業之將來Future of the sericulture industry
活屋The living house [ie. The human body]
鬼婿Ghost husband
謁林文忠公祠記Paying a respectful visit to the memorial temple of Lin Wenzhong gong [Lin Zexu]
人類對于自然之變化論Humanity's response to changes in nature
種柳種竹平議A debate about whether to plant willow or bamboo
桃源Garden of the peaches of immortality
打鞦千Playing on the swing
題外子畫漁汀晚笛圖Inscription for my husband's painting of the sound of flute in the night at a fishing village
題外子畫雨景山水圖Inscription for my husband's painting of a landscape in the rain
題自畫薔薇水仙花鳥圖Inscription for my own painting of rambler roses, daffodils, and birds
病中偶成[a poem] composed in the midst of illness
詠寒假歸家迄開校來滬事四十韻五古Poems on the return to school in Shanghai after spending the winter holiday at home
李陵The tomb of Li
去冬大雪詠而誌之Remembering the heavy snow fall of last winter
詠舊曆除夕Lunar new year's eve