Funü Shibao
No. 017 (01 November, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 132 (132 total)
蘇州王靜貞女士通信Letter from Ms. Wang Jingzhen of Suzhou
產後失調/ 韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸於彼有再造之功[If you have] postpartum irregular symptoms/ Dr. Williams Pink Pills for Pale People could make you feel rejuvenated
上海精華眼鏡公司/ 自制吒力克鏡片Jinghua eye glasses company/ Self-manufactured "zhalike" lenses
中西大藥方老牌牛肉汁今又新到A new shipment of the Old brand beef broth has arrived
上海安衛生西法鑲牙所Shanghai A. Wilson Dentist (Using Western methods of dentistry)
商務印書館發行/ 女子修身教科書/教授法/通俗實用/家計簿記教科書Published by Commercial Press/ Textbook on self-cultivation for women/ teaching guide/ Easy and practical/ textbook on household budgeting and book-keeping
你的字何以寫得這樣的不好/若時常臨臨帖/ 你的字自然就會好了How come your handwriting is so bad?/ [if you] copy from the calligraphy samples often, your handwriting will eventually improve
五彩珂羅版印王小某畫紅樓夢條屏Colour collotype printed painting scroll from the Dreams of Red Chamber, painted by Wang Xiaomou
五彩珂羅版套印宣和御題宋周文矩畫兜率宮慈氏佛像Colour collotype printed portrait of Buddha of Ci at Doushuaigong, painted by Zhou Wenju of Song dynasty, with colophone by Emperor Xuanhe
叢帖/ 藝苑之鉅觀/ 習字之模範Calligraphy samples/ great works of art/ exemplary calligraphy to learn from
原本紅樓夢/ 原本聊齋誌異Original edition of Dream of Red Chamber/ Original edition of Strange Tales from a Rustic Studio
石谷生平第一精品/ 臨宋元十二景The best work of [Wang] Shigu/ Copies of twelve landscpaes in Song and Yuan paintings
行草大字典Dictionary of running and grass scripts
漁洋精華錄箋註The selected poems of Yuyang with annotations
匋齋吉金錄Taozhai's records of ancient bronze
吳門周瘦鵑譯/ 霜刃碧血記/ 每冊大洋四角Translated by Zhou Shoujuan of Wumen/ Story of sword and blood?/ Four jiao each copy
平等閣筆記Jottings from the Pingdeng study
學生諸君注意/習字範本To all students: good exemplary calligraphy
各學校鑒/習字之好模範To all schools: Good exemplary work for learning calligraphy
無師自通/婦女必備之技能/ 學習裁縫之捷徑Self-taught/ a necessary skill for women/ a shortcut to learn tailoring and sewing
六大特色/ 中華民國唯一日刊/ 時報The six characteristics of Eastern Times/ The only daily in the Republic of China/ Eastern Times
兜安氏馳名藥膏Doan's famous ointment