Funü zazhi
No. 007 (30 June, 1926)
Page: 041 (308 total)

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愛與人生/ 不願沒有他而活着, Love and life/ Do not want to live without him

康德 Kangde (mentioned in article), 愛倫凱 Ailun Kai (mentioned in article), 斯賓挪莎 Sibinnuosha (mentioned in article), 泰伏脫 泰伏脫 (mentioned in article), 菲列潑 Feiliepo (mentioned in article), 郭沫若 Guo Moruo (mentioned in article), 鐘煥鄴 Zhong Huanye (Author), 雪利 Xueli (mentioned in article), 默斯納 Mosina (mentioned in article),

Keywords: health, body, emotions, science, suicide, Love, breastfeeding, ethics, Knowledge, love,

愛與人生/ 幸福的泉源, Love and life/ The spring of happiness

托爾斯泰 Tuo'ersitai (mentioned in article), 焦頌周 Jiao Songzhou (Author),

Keywords: happiness, emotions, America, animals, Love, friendship, Russia, Knowledge,