No. 099 (14 June, 1933)
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© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.


菲律濱華僑女學一九三三年畢業生合影中坐者均係教員 A Group Photo of the 1933 graduates of the Philippine Oversea Chinese Girls' School, the ones sitting are all teachers.

Keywords: foreign country, education, overseas Chinese,

菲律濱華僑女學 Feilubin hua qiao nu xue (mentioned in caption),


蘇州東吳大學男女生之課外體育表演 Boys and Girls at the Suzhou Dongwu University doing Sports

Keywords: sports, education,

張宜綸 Zhang Yilun (Photographer), 蘇州東吳大學 Suzhou Dongwu da xue (mentioned in caption),