No. 007 (29 April, 1931)
Page: 029 (36 total)

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小范朋克在紐約, Fairbanks Jr. in New York

小范朋克 Xiao Fanpengke (mentioned in article), 披克馥 Pikefu (mentioned in article), 瓊克勞馥 Qiong Kelaofu (mentioned in article), 賈克 Jiake (mentioned in article), 賈克夫人 Jiake fu ren (mentioned in article),

Keywords: motherhood, stars, Hollywood, America, marital relationships,


小范朋克的後母披克馥在歌女懷春中 Fairbanks Jr.'s stepmother (Mary) Pickford in the film "A Singing Girl Thinking of Spring (?)"

Keywords: stars,

小范朋克 Xiao Fanpengke (mentioned in caption), 披克馥 Pikefu (depicted on image, mentioned in caption),