Nüzi Shijie
No. 006 (31 January, 1907)
Page: 105 (152 total)

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女士明恥, The clear shame of women

兩森氏 Liangsen shi (mentioned in article), 如瑾 Rujin (Author), 王嶄崢 Wang Zhanzheng (mentioned in article), 野崎君 Yeqi jun (mentioned in article),

Keywords: foot binding, Japan,

幼女游學, Young women traveling to learn

志羣 Zhiqun (Author), 服部宇之吉 Fubu Yuzhiji (mentioned in article), 服部宇之吉夫人 Fubu Yuzhiji furen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: women's education, Japan, overseas studies,

女優發逹, Reaching out to superior women

尤金培 You Jinpei (mentioned in article), 杜云美 Du Yunmei (mentioned in article), 楊翠喜 Yang Cuixi (mentioned in article), 金紫櫻 Jin Ziying (mentioned in article),

Keywords: theatre, women's occupation,