Nüzi Shijie


With some exceptions, the columns in Nüzi shijie remained relatively regular throughout its close to four years of publication. Women appeared most often as contributors in the columns Public Speech, Literary Column, and Women’s Education: Essays.

  1. Photograph or Painted Illustration (usually only one)
  2. Social Commentary
  3. Public Speech
  4. Biography
  5. Translations (Issues 1- 4 reportage on the West and Japan)
  6. News Tidbits (irregular column: issues 1-2, 5, 7-8)
  7. Fiction
  8. Literary Column (school songs and poetry)
  9. Special Report
  10. News Items (domestic and foreign)
  11. Women’s Education: Essays

A major change in contents took place beginning in Issue 5, when the column “Translations” was discontinued and four new columns were introduced, placed between the columns “Biography” and “Fiction” (or “News tidbits” when it ran):

  1. Education
  2. Vocational Practice
  3. Science
  4. Hygiene

These four new columns reflect the editorial concern with promoting new knowledge and progressive practices in the reformist orientation regarding China’s modernization. They are probably also related to the editor Ding Chuwo’s developing interest in science.