Funü zazhi
No. 012 (30 November, 1926)
Page: 076 (171 total)

為人的不便 - The limits of human beings

Subject matters: 散文 - prose,
Language level: Baihua

Keywords: health, sports, disease, happiness, science, animals, religion, arts and crafts, beauty, Physiology, philosophy, evolution, genetics, knowledge about human body,

朱雲樓 Zhu Yunlou (Author)
海而姆霍而子 Haiermuhuoerzi (mentioned in article)
獨夫利 Dufuli (mentioned in article)
達爾文 Daerwen (mentioned in article)
阿非利加 Afeilijia (mentioned in article)
霞哈耐司門賴 Xiahanaisimenlai (mentioned in article)