Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 142 (142 total)
翠菊和雄雞China aster and roster
上海五卅紀念日遊行示威之女學生Female students in the parade for memorizing Shanghai May 30th Movement
廣州女界前往參加沙基國葬典禮Guangzhou women went to attend state funeral ceremony
總理逝世二周紀念To mark the second week of premier's death
京華勝景The great scenes in Beijing
婦女雜志Ladies' magazine
乳兒運動的增進Different stages of infant movement
衢州中秋的風俗The customs of mid autumn day in Quzhou
異性的師生Teacher and student in different genders
老父與幼女Father and young girl
老先生與頑童Old man and naughty boy
崔莺莺Cui Yingying
嘉藕怨藕Harmonious couples and disharmonious couples