Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 142 (142 total)
國語文科補充用書Coaching books for Chinese arts
婦女新讀物New readings for women
閣下睡眠之時藥力正在運行中The medicine works when patients sleep
苟無子女成何家庭No child makes family no sense
上海新波利女子美容室Shanghai Toilet Club ladies hair dressing
味精Monosodium glutamate
冠生園食品百貨店Guanshengyuan grocery store
绮華公司Qihua company
緯成呢Weicheng woolen clothes
步非煙The lady of Bu Feiyan
香皂果有改變皮膚的能力麽Can soap improve the quality of skin?
上海禮和洋行光學部The optical department in Shanghai Lihe Company
日記日曆The sale of dairy notebook and canlendar
改組後的紫羅蘭與前大不相同The improved Violet Salon is so different from before
橘紅半夏露The medicine for cough
好立克麥精牛乳粉Horlick's malted milk
司克脫乳白鲨魚肝油Scott's emulsion the lung healer
福美明連保喉聖片Fumeiming pills for protecting throat
教育雜志第十九號平民教育專號The ninteenth volume of Education Magazine specialing in common people education
危險之汙膜The dangerous dark film on teeth
商務印書館出版新書Books newly published by Commerce Press