Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1925)
Pages available: 1 - 172 (172 total)
原始時代的森林The original era of the forest
左下圖是一個新基內亞的婦人,前面盛的是她的一個小孩,後面袋裏是他所製作的物事。Bottom left figure: A woman of New Guinness,It was her child in front, The bag behind her is something she produces.
匈牙利雕刻家梅司忒羅維克,近琢成大理石『永久的女性』Hungarian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, Recently made into a marble "Forever woman"
玩偶各種All kinds of dolls
美國女警察官,她的名字拼起來,共有四十個字母,大概算全世界最長的名字了。The United States female police officer, her name spell together, a total of forty letters, probably the world's longest name.
一個小孩喉中的骨扣扣針用 X 光線照出來的
這千多件東西是從一個十五歲的女孩胃中取出來的。有扣針、耳環、錶鏈、鞋帶等等。This was more than a thousand things from a fifteen-year-old girl out of the stomach. There were pins, earrings, bracelets, shoelaces and so on.
醫生用 X 光線探索病人的誤吞物件: X 光線在小孩的喉中尋得了所失的鉛質小汽車。Doctors use X-ray to explore the patient's swallowed objects: X-ray in the child's throat found the lost lead car.
病人胃中拿出來的幾件東西From the patient's stomach out of a few things
衣服裁法及材料計算法Clothing and material calculation method
健康與婦女運動Health and Women's work out
西洋造園法Method of building Western Garden