Funü zazhi
No. 009 (31 August, 1925)
Pages available: 1 - 172 (172 total)
婦女雜誌第11卷第9號目錄The ladies' journal volume 11, issue 9, table of contents
小靈魂的悲哀The sorrows of a spirit
電熨斗的新用途New uses of electric irons
昨夜畫了一條鳥龍Drew a bird cage last night
禁不起舊事重提Unable to revisit old matters
糾纏與束縛Shackles and entanglement
終由幻覺而成事實Disillusionment and truth at last
朦朧中睜眼一看Opening ones eyes to see through haze
烏鴉般飛起Crows take flight
異物入喉的瑣譚A trivial discussion on choking
衣服裁法及材料計算法Measuring and cutting fabric for making clothes
校門外Outside the school gates
秋天的愉悅The pleasures of autumn
婦女的歷史(續)Women's history (continued)
婦女世界展覽會Women's world exhibition
枕下的一封信 Letter under a pillow
河旁的一只鞋A shoe along the riverside
三個輔助Three aides
多麼慘的死呵Oh, what a miserable death!
健康與婦女運動Health and the women's movement
未生者的呼聲Exhortations of the lifeless
五元的懸賞A reward of five yuan
三斤糖累及一碗湯Three jin of sugar and a bowl of soup
小妹妹的質問Little sister's question
人亡物在People die, things remain
詬誶的導線Black and white wire
阿CLittle "C"
西洋造園法(續)The construction of gardens in the West
病兒床前的事By the bed of a sick child
不朽 Immortality
孩子歌Chidren's song