Funü zazhi
No. 008 (31 July, 1925)
Pages available: 1 - 174 (174 total)
A. SchwobemadleA. Schwobemadle
孫中山先生與孫宋夫人攝影The photo of Mr. Sun Yat - sen and Mrs. Sun Song
赴遠東運動會之廣州球隊女選手Go to the Far East Games Guangzhou team female players
近日來女子體育已日見注重。圖為美國女子射擊及德國柏林婦女運動大會Recently, women's sports have been paying attention. The picture shows the United States women's shooting and the Berlin Women's Sports Conference
航行一千七百哩的女子Sailing the seventeen hundred miles of woman
北太平洋岸邊,向來居有一族善戰的民族,稱為海達斯人,從前極強盛有力,今則已將衰亡。North Pacific coast, has always been a Militant nation, known as the Haidasi people, Strong and powerful in the past, Now it is going to perish.
汲井水回家之畢度因婦女Beduyin women go home with well water
羊毛蓬帳前製膳食之畢度因婦女Biduyin women cook meal in front of the wool tents.