Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 162 (162 total)
婦女雜誌第四卷第一號 The Ladies Journal volume four, issue one
三色版精印新安吳淑娟女士畫薰風一曲圖Tri-color version of a print of Mrs. Wu Shujuan's painting of Xunfeng [playing] melody
無錫華璂女士畫 秋江飄影Painting by Mrs. Hua Qi from Wuxi, Picture, Floating on river in fall
商務印書館Commerical Press
實用學生字典Practical student dictionary
華盛頓之母 少年時攝影Woman from Washington [D.C.?] as a young woman (teenager)
愛讀婦女雜誌者瞿蘊玉女士小影Photograph of a Ladies' Journal reader Mrs. Qu Yunyu
社說Editorial [title page]
學藝Learning and skills [title page]
no caption-- bee keepers
no caption--bee keeping
no caption related to bee keeping
no caption related to bee keeping
no caption-- related to bee keeping
甲圖 第一級立正及吸氣Figure one, first stage Stand at attention and inhale and exhale
乙圖 第一級Figure two first level
丙圖第二級Third picture, second step
丁圖第二級Fourth picture: second level
戊圖第三級Fifth picture third level
己圖第三級Sixth figure third level
家政Home economics
商務印書館女學用書Commerical Press Books for women's study
紀述Records [title page]
小說Fiction [title page]
no caption-- woman flying
no caption-- woman looking out to sea
蠅之口器Mouthparts of a fly
蠅之放大形Enlarged body of a fly
胡四娘Four Hu women
美國地鐵道之女警察American subway police woman
no caption-- woman at a desk
國文範作Exemplary essays [title page]
中外大事記Accounts of events in China and overseas
商務印書館Commercial Press
四卷一號婦女雜誌之懸賞Volume four issue one of the Ladies' Journal reward [for answering riddles]
no caption--pigeons in a net
商務印書館發行Commerical Press