Funü zazhi
No. 002 (31 January, 1918)
Pages available: 1 - 168 (168 total)
婦女雜誌第四卷第二號 Ladies' Journal volume 4, issue two
三色版精印泰西名畫兒之友Tri-color version of a print of famous painter Taixi [painting] Child with Friends
上海美術刺繡傳習所林文英女士繡黃婆墩Huganpojing pier by Mrs. Lin Wenying from Shanghai Art embrodiery training department
無錫華圖珊女士畫山水Landscape painting by Ms. Hua Tushan from Wuxi
香港馮文鳳女士賣字助振攝影Ms. Feng Wenfeng from Hong Kong, a photograph
商務印書館發行Commerical Press
商務印書館Commerical Press
社說Editorial [title page]
學藝Learning and skills [title page]
甲-巳圖Figures one - six [streches]
甲-丁圖One- four images [streches]
歐洲中世紀發生黑死病之慘狀The horrors of the black death in the Middle ages in Europe
美國公眾衛生檢查死?病菌America public health survey of death ? germs
美國新洼倫發生鼠疫區內拆毀房屋以防傳染American {new Wa Lun} inside the plague area demolished houses to prevent infection
檢查鼠身之蚤Inspecting rat fleas
家政Home economics [title page]
紀述Records [title page]
女學用書Books for girls' study
文苑Literary garden [title page]
小說Fiction [title page]
no caption--woman with a telephone
no caption--two woman and man interior
no caption--interior scene three women and a baby
no caption--woman at a gate with man
no caption--three people on a bridge
國文範作Exemplary essays [title page]
商務印書館Commerical Press
中外大事記Accounts of events in China and overseas [title page]
餘興Entertainment [title page]
一,二, 三,四,五 /一,二, 三1-5/1-3 magic how to figures
no caption-woman and child
no caption--group of people outside a house