Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1917)
Pages available: 1 - 162 (162 total)
敬告實施女子職業教育者Respectfully informing on the implementation of women's vocational educators
家庭快樂論Discussion on household happiness
家庭科學 秤Household science Scales
家庭科學 肥皂Household science: soap
養蜂談Talking about beekeeping
說檢尿 譯婦女世界Discussing checking of urine translated from Women's world magazine
癯庵食譜Recipes from the Lean Hut
家庭藥物學 (續)Household Pharmacology (continued)
婦女十五分鐘之體操15 minute workout for women
家庭日記與家訓Household diary and family instructions (precepts)
新胎教 節譯胎內教育New prenatal education Translated from Womb Education
觀察兒童之個性法Methods of observing a child's personality
婦人安眠之研究Research on women's sleep
家庭看護學The study of home nursing
不良少年者母親之罪Mothers are to be blamed for delinquent youths
治家之經驗談Discussion of the experience of managing a household
歐戰與各交戰國婦人之真相The truth of WWI and the belligerent countries' women
土耳其閨乘Turkey's women's chambers (harem) increasing
俄國未來之婦女Russia's future of women
送貞女關靜之歸鄂宋氏廟見辭Saying farewell to chaste woman Guan Jingzhi who is returning to E (Hubei) at the ancestral temple of the Song clan
結婚滿四十年紀念詩Contentedly married for 40 years, commemorative poems
短篇科學 中國之女飛行家Science novelette: Chinese female aviator
軍人之妻A soldier's wife
我是蒼蠅I am a fly
黑珠案[The] Case [of the] black pearl
胡四娘:事見蒲留仙聊齋誌異Four Hu women
同心梔子彈詞Concentric verse gardenia
弔五人墓文Lamenting five people's tombs
秋燈勵學圖記Record of Fall light encouraging study
燕太子丹遣荊軻入秦論Discussion of Yan Taizi Dan dispatches to Jing Ke [of] Qin
擬本校學生自治會徵集會員啟Draft of school's students' autonomy membership collection began
卜式輸財助邊論Discussion of
木蘭代父從軍論A discussion of Mulan joins the army in place of her father
益友損友解Separating good friends [from] bad friends
俄軍使至德營提議休戰Russian army in order to make a truse proposal to German battalion
美大總統之教書Teachings of the American president
倫敦歡迎中國參戰大會記Record of London welcomes the Chinese war council
修改國會組織選舉法近聞Recent news in the modification of the national congress electoral laws
哈爾濱俄人動亂記Record of Russian unrest in Harbin
興寧竹枝詞Verses from Xing Ning bamboo
家庭新智識Family new intellectual
新游戲術New game techniques
童話 鴿群脫網記Children's story: Pigeons escaping the net
軍國民教育之七巧板Tangram for National army education