Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 174 (174 total)
婦女雜誌The Ladies' Journal volume 2 number eleven
三色版精印蒙得梭利教育用具圖Teaching tools for Montessori-style learning (three-coloured fine printed picture)
五代李昇畫青山紅樹樓臺Five Dynasties painter Li Sheng's blue mountains and red trees pavilion
王蔣淑芳女史畫墨蘭二幅Two ink-paintings of orchids by Wang Jian Shu Fang
孫琴西先生墨蹟四幅Four calligraphic texts by Mr. Sun Qinxi
愛讀婦女雜誌者福建吳曾予紉之家庭攝影Photograph of a Ladies' Journal reader Wu Ceng Yu Ren's home in Fujian
美國國民弓術研究會女會員競技之圖Photograph of the American national women's archery tournament
社說Editorial [title page]
學藝門Learning and skills [title page]
僧帽Monk's hat (type of jellyfish)
捕蠅草Venus flytrap
第一圖Figure one
第二圖Figure two
第三圖Figure three
第四圖Figure four
第五圖Figure five
第六圖Figure six
第七圖Figure seven
家政門Home economics [title page]
記述門Records [title page]
中外大事記Accounts of events in China and overseas [title page]
國文範作Exemplary essays [title page]
文范 Literary garden [title page]
飲冰室叢著Collected works from the ice drinker's studio
小說 Fiction [title page]
雜俎Miscellaneous collection [title page]
餘興Entertainment [title page]
運動用品Exercise goods
韋廉士大醫生紅色補丸Dr. Williams' pills for pale people