Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1916)
Pages available: 1 - 174 (174 total)
女子必讀之書Must reads for women
英文雜誌English Journal
和盛Wo Shing
長生不老法/靜坐三年Law of Immortality/Three years of quietly sitting
英語周刊English Weekly
日記日曆New daily diaries
殿版四史Back issues of the 4 histories
英文雜誌 English Journal vol. two issue 11
函授學社英文科English correspondence courses
家庭教育之利器Useful tools for household education
東方雜誌 十三卷第十號出版 Eastern Miscellany vol. 13 no. 10 published
殿版二十四史Back issues of the 24 histories
飲冰室叢著Collected works from the ice drinker's studio
小說月報七卷第十號出版 Fiction monthly vol. seven number ten
畫片大徵集Collection of images
說部Collected works
文藝叢刻五種:宋元戲曲史/梨園佳話/西洋演劇史/讀畫戟略/小說叢考Five collected arts books: History of Song Yuan opera/Beautiful words from the Li garden/ History of foreign plays/Record of Paintings/ A study of fiction
各種小說All types of fiction
運動用品Sports equipment
各種名勝寫真Portraits of various famous sites
The Ladies' Journal
西醫董曲五之幼女末育以前如何情形Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People