Funü zazhi
No. 005 (05 May, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
婦女雜誌第一卷第五號(雨前選茗)Funu zazhi volume 1 issue 5 (Selecting tea in the rain)
金陵周鐘玉女士畫墨梅Ink plum blossom painted by Ms. Zhou Zhongyu from Jinling
古任城李秉環女士絲繡楹帖Couplet embroidery on silk made by Ms. Gu Rencheng and Li Binghuan
劉荔芬女士畫宜男多子圖Fertility painted by Ms. Liu Lifen
品盤清供Still life
秋窗花韻Autumn flower outside the window
荷蘭女王Queen of Holland
浙江吳興城西女學校荳細工巴拿瑪賽會成績品Goods exhibited in Panama, made by Zhejiang Wuxing women's school
手拿雨傘的日本婦女A Japanese woman who is holding an umbrella
英國政治家畢克福女士、美國藝術家奈而遜女士、俄國音樂家榴南女士小影Small photos of British politician, American artist, and Russian muscian
無錫縣立女子師範學校第三年級全體攝影A photo of students of grade three in Wuxi women's normal school
單紀學校用書Elementary level books
第一圖--第七圖Figure one - figure seven
Graphic related to article: Summary regarding women's silk production
Graphic related to article: Summary regarding women's silk production
第一圖--第三十二圖Figure one - Figure thirty two
盧振華女士小影Photograph of Lu Zhenhua
上圖為Edison 洗衣所;下為華盛頓歐文高第學校電氣洗一斑Top picture Edison washing machine; Bottom picture Washington European Collegiate electric washing machines
image related to article "Jottings on new knowledge" no caption
宣講必備之書Essentials of public speaking
no caption. Images related to article: Simple household Chemistry and Physics games and experiments to try
第十一圖-十三圖Figure eleven - figure thirteen
Dr. Williams' pink pills for pale people