Funü zazhi
No. 005 (05 May, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
婦女雜誌第一卷第五號目錄Funu zazhi table of contents, volume 1, issue 5
說家庭婦女之當然On the natural role of women in the household
論家庭衣食住之當注意Discussions on basic household concerns
女子首重實業談Discussion of women's important role in industry and commerce
釋任性Explaining wilfullness
唾面自乾論Duscussions of turning one's cheek
句踐沼吳論On the marsh battle of Wu
勸鄭竹天學裁縫書Urging the study of Zheng Zhu's book of tailoring
約友發起女紅會書Inviting sponsors of working girls' book
學藝Learning and skills [title page]
家庭博物館Household museum
衣類拔除污點法Stain removal techniques
蟻之生活觀Observing an ant's life
茶之研究The study of tea
化妝品製造法Makeup manufacturing techniques
對於女子製絲之概要Summary regarding women's silk production
家政Home Economics [titlepage]
簡易家庭看護法Simple methods of protecting the household
家庭醫病法Treating household diseases
關於烹飪之理科談Concerning the science of cooking
食物衛生談Discussion of food hygiene
關於睡眼之生理談Concerning the physiology of sleeping eyes
手工學線結小孩叉胸法Guide for making knotted collars for children
種痘術Strains of smallpox vaccines
女學商榷Negotiation on women's study [title page]
女學生自修用書之研究Research on women's self-study books
名著Famous writings [titlepage]
女世說Biographies of women
吳中十女子集A collection of ten women from Wuzhong
蒪廬雜綴Miscellany from Chunlu
小說 Fiction [titlepage]
塞垣花淚Plugging the wall with tears
嗚呼毒蛇Death from a venomous snake
德皇之偵探一名偵探之偵探(續)Spy of the German King, the spy of all spies (continued)
譯海 [titlepage]Translated works [titlepage]
德國風俗記Report on German customs
浣衣瑣談Chat on troublesome laundry
育嬰寶鑑(續)Treasures for childcare (continued)
文苑 Literary garden [titlepage]
華益女校同學錄序言Preface to the Huayi girls' school students' alumni book
擬某校長生傳Plan for a certain school of longevity commentaries
記游Records of travels
美術Art [titlepage]
繡譜Embroidery manual (continued)
雜俎Miscellaneous collection [titlepage]
中萃宮傳奇Stories from Zhongcuigong (continued)
新見聞隨筆Jottings on new knowledge
新見聞隨筆Jottings on new knowledge
新見聞隨筆Jottings on new knowledge
讀書隨筆Jottings on reading
傳記 [Biography [titlepage]
亡室巍氏事略Biographical sketch of the deceased clan of Wei
黃烈婦傳The biography of honorable widow Huang
宗先生室歸恭人家專Biography of Mr. Zong's respectful return to someone else's home
西神客話Xi Shen Ke's commentaries
調查Survey [title page]
長春風俗談Discussion of the customs of Changchun
編輯餘瀋Additional editorial of Shen
餘興Entertainment [titlepage]
家庭遊戲簡易理化實驗法Simple household Chemistry and Physics games and experiments to try
理科新游戲 (續)New science experiments (continued)