Funü zazhi
No. 005 (05 May, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
家事教科書Textbook on home management
縫紉教科書Textbook on tailoring
園藝教科書Textbook on gardening
修身教科書/國文教科書/算術教科書/算術教授書Textbook on self-cultivation/textbook on Chinese language/text book on math/teachers' book on math
東三省紀略Book on three provinces in Northeastern China
學生字典Students' dictionary
上海濟生堂大藥房Shanghai Saiseido pharmacy
五洲大藥房Five continents pharmacy
救急靈藥清快丸Emergency medicine Qingkuaiwan
中國精益眼鏡公司Chinese optical company
上海中英大藥房婦女衛生助粧品Shanghai Chinese-English pharmacy women's health product and makeup
教育部最近批Books recently approved by the Ministry of Education
單級學校用書Single grade text books
作文之好模範Good models of composition writing
幼稚用書Books for children
共和國教科書Republican textbooks
五彩地圖Multicolored maps
小說月報Fiction monthly
教育部審定Ministry of Education approved books
十三經 (白文)Thirteen Classics of Chinese philosophy and literature
許氏申說文解字Dictionary complied by Xu Shen
廣韻Song rhyming dictionary
各種名勝寫真Portraits of various famous sites
教育雜誌第七卷第四號Education Review July volume 4
東方雜誌Eastern Miscellany
工商統計概要Summary of statistics related to industry and commerce
宣講必備之書Essentials of public speaking
教育部審定Ministry of Education approved books
教育部審定Ministry of Education approved books
中學共和國教科書Textbooks for middle schools of the Republic
民國新教科書Republican new text book
徵集文字圖片Call for articles and pictures
The Ladies' Journal
Dr. Williams pills for pale people