No. 042 (01 January, 1932)
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曾紹真女士素負盛名於交際界,精舞蹈擅游泳,名滿香港。Ms Zeng Shaozhen has a high reputation in social circles, excellent in dancing and swimming, well-known in Hong Kong
周映霞女士為中西女塾頭班生,擅文學,好運動Ms Zhou Yingxia is a student in the best class in the Chinese-Western (Zhongxi) private girls' school, good at literature and fond of sports
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本文作者白時敏女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Bai Shimin, the author of this article
嬌豔秀美的汪玉麟女士Delicate and charming Ms Wang Yulin
(右)潘達徵女公子劍波女士(right) Ms Jianbo, the daughter of Pan Dazheng
崇德女校鄧倩文女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Deng Qianwen from Chongde girls' school
(上圖)晏摩氏女生何麗明女士(Picture above) Ms He Liming, a female student from Yanmoshi
(下圖)何麗明與陳洪梅女士交換賀年片之攝影(Picture below) Photo of Ms He Liming and Ms Chen Hongmei exchanging New Year's cards
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最新流行的長髮梳裝之又五種Another five long hair styles in the latest trend
剛剛上市的婦女新裝大衣式樣New styles of women's overcoats, just appearing on the market
上圖是法國女子體格的一般An example of French women's physique, as shown in the picture above
圖乃巴黎戲院裡跳舞明星的舞姿The posture of the star dancing in the theatre in Paris, as shown in the picture
下圖是代表法國女子的曲線美,而且也是她健康的表露。The picture below represents the curvy beauty of French women. It is an expression of her health as well.
她是音樂家嚴折四的女公子She is the daughter of the musician Yan Zhesi
還我河山Give my land back
黑白影社將于今日假時報館舉行第一次展覽會,右圖"待征"為其中出品之一。Black and white photography society will hold their first exhibition today at the newspaper office. The right picture "Feature" is one of their productions.
摩登新式客室佈置的一種One kind of arrangements of modern new-style living room
新年的晚上是誰都快樂的,電影明星李查阿侖(Richard Arlen) 同他的夫人也在設讌請客呢!Everyone is happy on New Year's Eve. The movie star Richard Arlen and his wife are also giving a banquet and inviting guests!
同心結中的却司法雷爾與珍妮蓋諾Quesifaleier and Zhenni Gainuo in a true love knot
(上) 當然我們一看就知道這是傑克哥根弟弟的面孔!(above) Of course we know at the first sight that this is the face of the younger brother of Jackie Coogan.
(中) 最近號稱女神童之梅姿格齡 (Mitzi Green)(middle) Mitzi Green, who has been recently being called girl prodigy
(下) 每星期可得薪萬元的傑克哥根 (Jackie Coogan)(below) Jackie Coogan, who can earn ten thousand dollars per week
影界女性的典型露浦萬麗絲 Lupe VelezLupe Velez, the representative of the women in the film circle
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逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
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矮克發軟片,必立捲片鏡箱,摩維克斯旅行家庭影片機Agfa soft film, Bili rolling-film mirror box, Moweikesi camera for travel and family
白鵝 (陳妙娟女士)White goose (Ms Chen Miaojuan)
(李鳳玉)(Li Fengyu)
危! (寶)Danger! (Bao)
鷄 (北平李珍玉)Chicken (Li Zhenyu, Beiping)
月下孤舟 (漢口魏仰勳)Lonly boat under the moon (Wei Yangxun, Hankou)
老少 (金伯茂)The old and the young (Jin Bomao)
游泳 (陳真)Swimming (Chen Zhen)
騎馬 (金聲)Riding a horse (Jin Sheng)
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編輯者言Editor's note
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潔美的電影明星瑪麗白蘭恩 Mary Brian說: 祝你們得到一個快樂的新年!The neat and beautiful movie star Mary Brian says: "Wish you a happy new year!"
中國影界新發現的一朵玫瑰花,歌舞明星 (王人美女士)A rose newly discovered in the Chinese film circle, the singing and dancing star (Ms Wang Renmei)