No. 042 (01 January, 1932)
Pages available: 1 - 48 (48 total)
第四十二期要目Important contents of issue 42
張默君為女界力爭姓藉革命Revolution of Zhang Xianjun striving for women's own registered permanent residence
透明言論Transparent speech
男子的愛Men's love
貢獻與摩登女子的Contributed to modern women
戀愛結婚與性的安慰Love, marriage and the comfort of sex
中國的舞男Chinese dancing men
幾個要人對於結婚的見解Several important personages' opinions on marriage
紅花瓶Red flower vase
疑難解答Doubts, difficulties and solutions
進退維谷的婚姻Marriage in dilemma
冬季不宜結婚It is not good to get married in winter
姙娠之徵象Signs of pregnancy
怎樣使妻子滿意How to make your wife satisfied
簡潔的浴室Neat bathroom
盲目婚姻的可怕The dreariness of blind marriage
兩少女的自殺The suicide of two young girls
人像攝影的美The beauty of figure photography
[No title]
化妝的藝術品Decorative art work
天之驕子God's favored one
[影界女性的典型露浦葛麗絲 Lupe Velez]Lupe Velez, the representative of the women in the film circle
嬰兒食料之商酌Deliberation over baby's food
駝背嬌的正Hunchback correction
少女的初戀(二)The first love of a young girl (part two)
晚步Evening stroll
一位白費心思的他He racked his brain in vain
愛的真味The true taste of love
除夕之夜The New Year's Eve
津市的叫賣物 (三)Peddling items in markets in Tianjin (part three)
一九三一年來公認的佳片 (三)Universally acknowledged good films since 1931 (part three)
編輯者言Editor´s Note
四個步驟Four steps
新嫁娘的烹調術Cooking techniques for newly married women
好萊塢聖誕樹Christmas trees in Hollywood
中國電影珍聞News titbits of Chinese movies
女星再嫁A female star getting married again