No. 029 (30 September, 1931)
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笑容可掬之陳畹清女士Smiling Ms Chen Wanqing
關雪珍女士近影A recent photo of Ms Guan Xuezhen
盧育甯女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Lu Yuning
胡靜嬡女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Hu Jing'ai
中西女塾瞿樵珮女士擅繪畫Ms Qu Qiaopei from Zhongxi (Chinese-Western) Private Girls' School is good at painting
崇德女校招聯英女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Zhao Lianying from Chongde Girls' School
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吳蘊芬女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Wu Yunfen
秋季婦女新裝Women's new autumn fashion
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南京中學姚杏珠女士玉影Precious photo of Ms Yao Xingzhu from Nanjing Middle School
美的手指Beautiful fingers
最新發明之女子鞋跟Heel of women's shoes of the latest invention
最新發明吸板煙時所用之架.可不必用手支持由此可見西人欲求舒適無微不至A support of the newest invention used while smoking cavendish tabacco. One doesn't have to support the pipe with hand. Thus it can be seen that Westerners pursue comfort in every possible way.
在校園中之愛國女生Patriotic female students on the campus
裸浴運動 — 空心輪轉遊戲.德國Egestorf地方裸體生活協會體育場内。裸體生活諸同志作輪轉遊戲之情形。一人嫌寂寞,...... 爲情。同性還可隨便,如果男女合在一起,那麽 ......久而久之,漸成習慣,二人,三人,四人,混在一起,既不怕羞,反覺司空見慣。The movement of naked bathing - a game of turning the hollow wheel. In the stadium of the local association of naked life in Egestorf, Germany
白膚凝脂White skin as smooth as clotted grease
燙髮新樣(十二):小兒式. Baby FlemishWomen's new hair perm styles (12): the style of baby flemish (translation provided by Linglong)
工部局北區小學學生活潑之情形The scene of the lively pupils from the primary school of the north section of the Ministry of Works
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電影女星奇異之裝束The bizarre costume of a female movie star
美之舞The dance of beauty
設備冷氣之電影仍使觀客熱不可當之諷刺畫In this caricature, this cinema is airconditioned yet the audience still can not bear the heat
止槳少憩Stop rowing and take a little rest
窮吻Little kiss
電影明星麥唐納之笑容The smile of the movie star MacDonald
拍拉蒙脫電影明星弗蘭克錫司第近影A recent photo of Fulankexisidi, the movie star of the Paramount Pictures