No. 029 (30 September, 1931)
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王開照相館Wang Kai photo studio
閨秀影集Album of Elegant Ladies
攝影畫報Pictorial Weekly
試閱攝影畫報/ 玲瓏雜誌Samples for Pictorial Weekly and Linglong Magazine
她煩悶恍惚 他則虛弱疲憊She is unhappy and absent-minded, while he is weak and tired
健身丸,玫玲粉,傷風餅,遺精藥,香煙敵Body-strengthening pills, Meilin powder, cakes for treating the cold, medicine for treating spermatorrhea, the enemy of cigarettes
定報價目The subscription price
玲瓏圖畫雜誌Ladies' Magazine
投稿簡章General regulations on contribution
本年十月十日爲三和公司十週紀念日The memorial day for celebrating that Sanhe company has run business for 10 weeks is on October 10th this year
中外電影明星照片Photos of Chinese and foreign movie stars