No. 029 (30 September, 1931)
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怎樣駕馭男子How to control men
晚步Evening stroll
男性的虛榮心Men's vanity
她與他She and he
新秋裝束New autumn attire
交異性朋友To make friend with the opposite sex
女子是不值得介紹的麼?Are women not worthy to be introduced?
需要一個母範學校We need a school for training mothers
草酸之效用The utility of oxalic acid
毒物咬傷救治法How to treat poisonous bites
討厭的千日瘡The annoying common wart
簡便的健身術(未完)Simple and convenient bodybuiding techniques (to be continued)
肢體健美To make your limps healthy and beautiful
夫婦之道The way of married couples
自由戀愛之秩序The order of the freedom of choice in marriage
兒童的特徵(未完)The characteristics of children (to be continued)
步行歷險記(續)The trekking adventure (continued)
大家庭的一幕A scene from a big family
嘉寶將離開電影嗎?Will Garbo leave the movies?
南錫卡洛的情史Nancy Carroll's love history
好萊塢的消息News from Hollywood
竹戰的生活The life of playing Mahjong
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