No. 027 (15 September, 1931)
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新嫁娘曹秀琳女士近影A recent photo of the bride Ms Cao Xiulin
左宛君女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Zuo Wanjun
健美的體格是由適當的運動得來的The beautiful and healthy physique is a result of doing sports properly
丁寶理女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Ding Baoli
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譚雅聲夫人玉影Precious photograph of Mrs Tan Yasheng
梁佩琴女士芳影Aromatic photo of Ms Liang Peiqin
過女士游泳裝之攝影Photograph of Ms Guo's swim suit
婦女時裝Latest fasion for women
張桂卿(左)孫瓊芝(中)陳瓊芳(右)三人合影Group photograph of Zhang Guiqing (left), Sun Qiongzhi (middle) and Chen Qiongfang (right)
中西女塾周綠霞女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Zhou Luxia from Zhong-Xi (Chinese-Western) Private Girls' School
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燙髮新樣(九):運動員式Women's new hair perm styles (9): the athlete style
倫敦腳夫能頭頂廿一篾籃手提兩隻誠奇技也A porter in London can carry twenty-one bamboo baskets on his head and one in each hand. It is indeed an amazing skill.
丹麥監牢之建築形似車輪此影係飛機上向下近攝者The buildings of the prison in Danmark are shaped like cartwheels. This is a close view taken in a plane
摩登家庭所用寫字枱之新樣The new style of writing desks used by modern families
女子的美。不但在乎面部。健全的體格也是美。就是絲襪所能遮蓋的一小部分。也無不有美德存在。看圖中所示的。就可信言的不謬了。The beauty of women rests not only with face. A wholesome physique is beautiful as well. The beauty even exists in the small part which can be covered by silk stockings. If one takes a look at what is shown in this picture, one will believe that this remark is true.
學打字Learning how to type
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電影女星與世界賽跑家習練賽跑之攝影Photograph of female movie stars and world (class) runners training for a race
法國舞臺上最流行之歌舞裝The most popular dress for singing and dancing on the stage in France
溫柔的表現The manifestation of gentleness
電影女明星新近發明一種異想天開的運動,據說就是如圖所示的推車運動.讀者可不必管這種運動是適當與否,但是總可信西人好運動的一斑了Female movie stars have invented a kind of wildly fantastic sport. It is said that one has to push a barrow as shown in the picture. Readers don't have to be concerned about the propriety of this sport, but one has to believe that it is an embodiment of Westerners' love for sports.
愛利司懷特Alice White為好萊塢女星腿部最美者之一Alice White is one of the Hollywood female stars with the most beautiful legs
電影女星非非Fefe Dorsy的近影Recent photo of the movie star Fefe Dorsy
美國銀星生活的一種A kind of lives of American movie stars
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美國電影女星舞裝之一斑An example of dresses for dancing of American female movie stars
電影明星披克馥Mary Pickford最近攝影The latest photograph of the movie star Mary Pickford