No. 027 (15 September, 1931)
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玲瓏叢書出版預告Advance notice for the publication of Linglong series
閨秀影集Album of Elegant Ladies
預告Advance notice
新到大批電影明星新照片A large amount of new photos of movie stars, newly arrived
受失業痛苦,經濟困難者注意,每月薪金最少三十元之職務Attention! Those who are suffering from the anguish of unemployment and who are having economic hardship. A position with a monthly salary of at least thirty yuan
華商三和公司Chinese business, Sanhe company
就職志願書Job application
健身丸,玫玲粉,傷風餅,遺精藥,香煙敵Body-strengthening pills, Meilin powder, cakes for treating the cold, medicine for treating spermatorrhea, the enemy of cigarettes
定報價目The subscription price
玲瓏圖畫雜誌Ladies' Magazine
投稿簡章General regulations on contribution
徵文Soliciting articles
華商三和公司代辦函購部Chinese business, Sanhe company, mail order agent
每月最少貢獻三千元給本刊定戶To contribute at least 3000 yuan every month to the subscribers of our magazine