No. 023 (19 August, 1931)
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馮和晴女士最近玉影The latest photograph of Ms Feng Heqing
亞細亞步行團胡素絹女士在安南與苗人合影The group photo of Ms Hu Sujuan from Asian trekking group and the Miao people in Annan
女步行家胡素絹女士攝于暹羅王陵前The female trekker Ms Hu Sujuan in front of Siamese king's mausoleum
張欽蓉女士玉影Precious photograph of Ms Zhang Qinrong
錢蓮蓮女士肄業于中西女塾愛好攝影Ms Qian Lianlian who graduated from Zhong-Xi (Chinese-Western) Private Girl's School is fond of photography
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燙髮新樣(六):波浪式Women's new hair perm styles (6): the style of Wavy Bob
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婦女時裝(五)Women's fashion (5)
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中西女塾譚秀珍女士近影A recent photo of Ms Tan Xiuzhen from Zhong-Xi (Chinese-Western) Private Girls' School
蘇州名媛周錦娥女士芳影Aromatic photograph of the socialite Ms Zhou Jin'e from Suzhou
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德國女子,多半體態健美。蓋彼等多作戶外運動故也The posture of most of German women is healthy and beautiful. Because they often practise ourdoor sports
(上)德國青年在草地上運動日與陽光為伍(Above) a sport day of German young people on the lawn, who make friends with sunshine
(下)訓練腿部和背部之唯一良法(Below) the only good way of training your legs and back
日浴是極愉快的運動Sunbath is an especially pleasant sport
德國男女老幼回到古代的生活German men and women, old and young return to the ancient [natural] life
德國兒童裸體日浴之情形The scene of German children taking a naked sunbath
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追求女性乃健身之大敵Courting women is the archenemy of bodybuilding
日光裸浴專號宣言Manifesto of the special issue on nake sunbathing
蕩漾空中.輕如飛燕.其樂融融.精神誠為之飽滿.欲知真趣.請讀者不妨嘗試一下Springing upwards in the air as light as a flying swallow. Happiness knows no bound. One's spiritual need is fully satisfied. If you readers want to know how interesting it actually is, there is no harm in trying it.
上圖乃張德怡女士所贈之精美信紙信封On the picture are luxurious letter paper and envolopes donated by Miss Zhang Deyi
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天真瀾漫Innocent and romantic
前途茫茫(法國第一百四十四年美術展覽會出品)Boundless future (exhibited at the 144th art exhibition in France)
吾國女子瘦弱居多癆病者不少實因深居閨中不見天日宜作此種戶外運動Most of the women in our country are thin and weak. Not a few are suffering from phtisis. Actually, it is because they stay in their boudoir never to see the sun or the sky. They should do this kind of outdoor sport
立定體操 [畫圖二幅]Gymnastic Standing Stretches
棄舊換新:[畫圖二幅]To abandon the old for the new (two drawings)
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晨光曦微.風和氣暢.海濱日浴.身快體壯The glimmering light of the early morning sun. The wind is mild and the air is clear. Sunbath on the beach makes your body agile and strong.
露天舞場為消暑勝地此乃逸場茶舞之攝影The open-air dance square is a resort of alleviating summer heat. This is a photo of a leisure square where people are dancing and having tea
戲馬Playing with a horse
試騎Trying to ride a horse
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日浴:(法國第一百四十四屆美術展覽會之出品)Sunbath: (exhibited at the 144th art exhibition in France)
電影明星開脫得好萊塢競豔會錦標五六次之多The movie star [Barbara] Kent won five to six awards at the beauty contest in Hollywood